Michael Irvin reveals if he would pick Sean Payton or Mike McCarthy as head coach

On Tuesday, Sean Payton shocked the NFL world when he announced that he would be leaving as head coach of New Orleans Saints.

Although rumors are circulating about Payton’s future plans, and his close ties with the Jones family of Dallas Cowboys players, they’re purely speculation at this point.

But on Wednesday, one of the biggest legends in Cowboys’ franchise history chimed in on Sean Payton as an upgrade over Mike McCarthy in Dallas.

“Here’s the difference you have to understand that I believe puts Sean Payton above all things,” Irvin stated on 105.3 The Fan.

” Look at the success that Sean Payton had without his best players, without Michael Thomas, without Drew Brees, he still keeps them competitive. They beat the champs twice this year without his best players! That’s what we’re talking about!”

Irvin gave an honest but harsh assessment of the Cowboys’ current coaching staff, while continuing to praise the former Saints’ coach.

Irvin said, “Without our top players, we lost every darned game.”

“That’s just reality. We lost every darn game. I had a stuffed animal on the show as an emotional support doll! Are you joking? That’s what I’m talking about!”

It was clear by the end of the rant how Irvin felt about Payton vs. McCarthy in regards to head coaches.

“Sean Payton, an upgrade. “I’m going to be real.”

Sean Payton has been a long-time Dallas Cowboys associate — and Tuesday’s news that the 16-year-old New Orleans Saints frontman was leaving his current job, is causing rumors.

Jon Machota, who is a Dallas Cowboys reporter, tweeted a quote from Payton in regard to speculations that today’s move was related to his desire to be better placed at a time when the Saints are experiencing salary cap issues as well as uncertainty at key positions.

“Sean Payton comments on speculation that he might coach another team next season: “I get. It is something I fully understand. I don’t plan to coach in 2022. Machota tweeted Tuesday that this is how she feels.

Sean Payton reveals Saints unique tactic to keep him around
New Orleans Saints fans are shocked to hear that Sean Payton has resigned as Saints’ head coach.

Payton met with media members shortly after the news broke. He shared interesting insights into behind-the scenes conversations between himself and the Saints brass.

“Last week, I had a tough conversation with Mickey Loomis and Mrs. Benson about looking ahead to my future and, you know, Mickey and me have been together for 16 year so that made it more challenging than because of our professional relationship.

In an effort to keep Sean Payton aboard, the 16-year-old Saints head coach shared an intriguing idea with ownership.

Payton said that Mrs. B. was an amazing woman and suggested that we go on three months vacation and then come back to training camp to be ready for the next adventure. Sean Payton smiled and said, “That sounded pretty good actually.”

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