Michael Irvin Names 3 Coaches He’d Fire Mike McCarthy For

Cowboys legend Michael Irvin made it clear that he would like Mike McCarthy to be fired. He would fire McCarthy for three coaches, but that’s a little too far-fetched.

Last weekend, the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs by another loss to 49ers. McCarthy is most responsible for the loss and some speculate that he may be fired.

Jerry Jones is asked by Irvin to call and try to hire Sean Payton or Kyle Shanahan, or Bill Belichick.

“Look at what we are in right now,” Irvin said, via WGNO. “Everybody gets through all these coaching changes – cycling them in and cycling them out – trying to find that guy.

“Now if you can get me Sean Payton?,” Irvin continued. “I’ll take Kyle Shanahan, Sean Payton, Bill Belichick. If you can get me any one of them, I’ll ship [Coach McCarthy’s] butt right on out of here right fast for one of them. Don’t just do it to do it. I’ll do it to get better.”

It is hard to imagine Bill Belichick leaving New England. Sean Payton appears to be destined for New Orleans as his coach. Kyle Shanahan would be left without a job, having just taken down the Cowboys under Jimmy Garoppolo.

For now, it’s all fantasy. Mike McCarthy remains the Cowboys’ head coach.

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