Michael Irvin Had Brutally Honest Comment On The Cowboys This Week

When it came to the former Dallas Cowboys wideout’s assessment of the team, he did not mince words.


“I believe the Cowboys right now may be the worst team in the National Football League,” said Irvin.  “I know the Jets haven’t won a game. Would you take the Cowboys over the Jets right now?”

Irvin really thinks that the 0-8 New York Jets could down the Cowboys. The Cowboys were supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, while everyone knew the Jets were supposed to be bad.

“It hurts,” Irvin said. “The difference is, I know the Jets look bad. But the Jets were expected to look bad. The Cowboys had people really thinking, including myself, that they were ready to be Super Bowl-bound, and they’ve been a Super bust.”

Kast Sunday, the team was crushed 25-3 by the Washington Football Team. Before that, the team was blown out 38-10 by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.


Dak Prescott went down with an injury, which everyone understands; however, the team’s play the last two weeks has been anything but a unit. Irvin said that last week’s action “put him in the grave,” which could be a very accurate description of the season.


“I have @AZCardinals vs @Seahawks great game on one TV and #WorldSeries2020 game 5 on the other TV. It’s Heaven here on earth. Especially when my @dallascowboys has me in the grave.”

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