Michael Gallup Shares What He’s Been Told By Amari Cooper

This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys chose Michael Gallup to replace Amari Cooper. Gallup isn’t the reason Cooper has any bitter feelings towards him.

Gallup said Thursday morning to reporters that Cooper reached out quickly after signing a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Cooper was delighted for his former teammate.

Jon Machota tweeted, “Cowboys’ WR Michael Gallup stated that Amari Cooper was among the first to contact him when Gallup announced his new contract.” Gallup stated, “He let me know that he’s that dude,” “He is a friend for life.”

This week, Michael Gallup signed a five year deal with the Dallas Cowboys worth over $62.5 million.

Gallup, according to the Cowboys, will be a major part of their offense over the next few years.

The Cowboys announced that Michael Gallup will not be able to go free after all.

The Cowboys signed Gallup to a five year deal worth $62.5 million if he meets all his incentives. Gallup was to be unrestricted free agent for the Cowboys on Wednesday, when NFL free agency opens.

Amari Cooper is now the newest member to the Cleveland Browns.

At the beginning of the new league year, Cooper was traded by the Cowboys to the Browns.

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