Michael Gallup recovery timeline update less hopeful than initially expected

Last week was the first day that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup spoke with the media since signing his six-year, $62.5million contract. The Cowboy said that he has always wanted to return to Dallas and felt blessed to be able to do so. He added that his former teammate Amari Cooper was the one who reached out to him when he learned of his contract.

While most of the conversation was positive and encouraging, one part was somewhat concerning. While reports had indicated that Gallup should be 100% by August (which was consistent with previous reports), the receiver refused to give any details about his timeline. Gallup would be available for the opening week if these initial reports are true. He would also receive reps during the preseason. The story has changed.

According to the Colorado State product, he hopes that he can start Week 1. This is a far cry from the 100% by August. Gallup stated that he is doing all he can to get himself healthy and rehabbed. Jori Epstein from USA Today reports that the receiver underwent a “pre-” rehabilitation program to strengthen his quad, hamstring and calf muscles during the month before Gallup’s surgery. This was to aid him in his weight loss and strength.

Gallup continued the drills after the surgery, including stationary biking, swimming, upper body work and one-legged drills. Although he admitted that his recovery is slow, he hopes to be able to start jogging again soon. Gallup is clearly working hard but his initial positive recovery timeline has changed. This is significant considering that the Cowboys probably factored Gallup’s progress into the contract extension he was granted.

He isn’t alone in his desire to get back to his old ways. Gallup said that Dak Prescott, the quarterback, came up to Gallup in the training room following the news of the extension and gave him a big hug. What did Prescott say to his receiver?

He plans to increase his versatility once he is fully recovered. He hopes to improve his ability to take snaps from the slot. He also recognized that Cooper’s departure would mean that he must be available to play wherever Cooper is. Head coach Mike McCarthy mentioned that Gallup’s versatility was an important goal at the NFL Combine.

Gallup knows he has large shoes to fill. Gallup knows that he must improve in order to prove that he is worthy of the contract he was awarded.

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