Micah Parsons’ strong message to Cowboys’ doubters with Dak Prescott injured

With Dak Prescott , their star quarterback, out for several weeks with an injury to his thumb that required surgery, there were questions about whether the Cowboys would be able to remain competitive. The Cowboys faced the Cincinnati Bengals, who were the runners-up in Super Bowl LVI. With backup Cooper Rush as their quarterback, it was a tough test. However, the Cowboys held the Bengals off, winning 20-17. Micah Parsons, a linebacker, loved the Cowboys’ joy at the win.

Jon Machota, The Athletic (subscription necessary), reported that Micah Parsons was euphoric after the game. He and the Cowboys had proven their doubters wrong by a strong performance in Week 2.

“All the whispers… the Dallas Cowboys this, the Dallas Cowboys that,” Parsons said. “But we just bought into each other and said eff what everybody else thinks, this is about us. And I think we came out here and proved that.”

Micah Parsons leads the Cowboys’ insuffocating pass rush. Despite saying that he’s been suffering from pain, he has already recorded four sacks in his first two games. This is a record for the NFL since 1982 when sacks became an official statistic. Parsons’ confidence is at an all time high after disappointing Joe Burrow with just one touchdown.

“I don’t care what the offense puts up,” Parsons added. “They can have zero (points), but we got to do our part. I think we’re doing a damn good job at doing that. We’ve held two of the most elite offenses to one touchdown the last two games, and we’re making them earn every little bit of it. That’s how you be relentless. That’s what we’ve been preaching. Every guy in this room has bought in.”

Parsons does not hesitate to credit his team, particularly Rush’s outstanding performance as Prescott’s replacement. He also credits Dorance Armstrong for his tenacious defense, which included sacking Burrow twice.

“One lion can’t do it by himself,” Parsons said. “You need a pride. If there are 10 hyenas and one lion, the lion is liable to lose. But the fact that I got 10 other guys out there that I feel I can rely on, that’s what makes this boat go.”

Micah Parsons will be leading the Cowboys in Week 3 against New York Giants.

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