Micah Parsons Makes His Opinion On Dak Prescott Very Clear

Micah Parsons is a star rookie and doesn’t want anyone to question Dak Prescott’s leadership abilities.

Prescott’s character was questioned after Sunday’s Cowboys crushing 23-17 defeat to the 49ers. The franchise quarterback praised fans who had thrown objects at officials after the game.

Although it was unacceptable from an NFL quarterback, Prescott’s character is not accurately represented by this.

After the game, Parson called his quarterback a great leader and defended him.

“Dak didn’t say much, he kind of went to everybody individually. I think Dak leads this team great all the time. Whether things go right or things go wrong, Dak never puts his head down. His demeanor is always great. Even as a rookie, Dak taught me something, it was when I first came in at OTAs, dog tired. I’m in the locker room kind of head down.

“Dak came up to me, and at that time no one knew what I could possibly be, but he came up to me anyway and said, ‘Life your head up, rook. You want to show a better example than anything out there.’ So, it just speaks volumes to the type of person Dak is regardless of if you are important piece or if you’re not. Dak thinks everybody equal.

“He even came into locker room and said, ‘Everybody let’s throw $500 in, cause the practice squad don’t get the same check (for the playoffs).’ You know that’s the type of person Dak is, he leads on and off the field. It’s the little things with him. I don’t think I’d rather have anybody leading me besides Dak. Dak is like a big brother to me, he took me under his wing early on.

Micah Parsons believes that Dak Prescott is a good player, despite Sunday’s playoff loss to the Cowboys.

Dallas should return to the playoffs next year, as long as Prescott and Parsons remain committed to the Cowboys long-term goals.


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