Micah Parsons Has A Controversial Suggestion For The Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys’ uniforms have been a symbol of professionalism and are among the most recognizable in professional sports.

You can see why Micah Parsons, star linebacker, suggested an alternate kit Tuesday.

Parsons responded to a Sports Illustrated tweet revealing that the New York Jets had unveiled their black alternate helmets. He said that he hopes for the Cowboys to do the same.

“Please Dallas!! All black unis!! Parsons tweeted.

While some Cowboys fans stated that they would not want any black jerseys in their team colors, others were more open to the idea.

Although we doubt Jerry Jones would be open to such a bold idea, Parsons might. He is, after all, the best player on the team.

The Cowboys also announced that they will wear their navy jerseys to home this weekend. This is something the team does not do unless it’s on holidays.

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