Micah Parsons calls for change after Kayvon Thibodeaux injury

New York Giants rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux got another chance to play in a preseason match against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. His night was cut short by injury. He was unable to play due to a knee problem. Nobody wants to see someone get hurt, but Micah Parsons was particularly upset.

Parsons was shocked to see Thibodeaux fall with his injury and took to Twitter to ask for changes in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker stated that he is tired of cutting being allowed by offensive players. Parsons wants to just “play ball” and have these defensive injuries disappear.

“I don’t why cutting is still allowed in the NFL!! We grown ass fucking men! Let’s play ball bro! I hate to see that shit man!”

Thibodeaux and Parsons are not close friends. The Cowboys will battle the Giants in the NFC East for years, and the two will continue to be division rivals. Players don’t want to see injuries during a game. Parsons might encounter a similar block in his career, especially when he is young.

Injuries pending, the two defense players will face off early in the season. New York will host Dallas Week 3.

The Giants believed Kayvon Thibodeaux had escaped a serious injury shortly after he entered the locker room. The injury occurred when fifth-overall draft selection from Oregon was cut at the right knee in the hands of Thaddeus Moss, Cincinnati Bengals tight end.

Thibodeaux fell to the ground immediately and was in severe pain. The medical team brought out the injury cart to assist him. Thibodeaux refused to be taken off the field, and instead walked along the sideline on his own. He was quickly removed by the Giants and taken to the locker room.

“While the Giants quickly ruled out first-round pick Kayvon Thibodeaux after taking a shot to the knee, my understanding is there’s initial optimism he avoided a major injury,” explained NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero after the injury.

While nobody wants to see injuries in preseason, Thibodeaux is a promising rookie who could be a big loss for New York.

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