Memorial for Chiefs Legend Becomes Reality Thanks to Fan Contributions

Chiefs fans honor former RB with this monument


In a time where we are missing sports, we have to have a reality check.


With COVID-19 forcing many into quarantine, those who have lost loved ones are unable to host funerals. However, thanks to the great fans in the Kansas City area, the fans were able to honor one of the most courageous athletes to ever play the game.


Former Chiefs running back Joe Delaney played two seasons for the Chiefs in 1981 and 1982, where he made the Pro Bowl in his rookie season. However, many remember what he did off the field.


In the summer of 1983, Delaney dove into a pond in Monroe, Louisiana in an attempt to save the lives of three drowning children. He was only able to save the life of one of the children, and he lost his own life in the process.


His heroism has not been forgotten. The police diver who attempted to save Delaney’s life, Mark Dearman, began a push to have Delany memorialized.


From individuals across the country, Dearman’s wish was met with an accumulative “yes.”


“Because “why are we here?,” via Vahe Gregorian of the KC Star. “Are we going to leave it a little better than we found it?”: At a time his example is particularly worth emphasis, push to memorialize Chiefs hero Joe Delaney prompts national outpouring of generosity.”


Just two days after Dearman’s story was published, the money was supplied for the memorial. In that time, 117 individual $37 donations from all over the country were sent to Dearman in order to help fund the monument. The dollar amount was in honor of Delaney’s jersey.


Tripp Johnson of Johnson Granite Supply in North Kansas City contracted Dearman and donated the monumen.


According to Johnson and Dearman, the monument will be ready by June 29, 2020.

What an amazing accomplishment.


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