LOOK: Washington Football Team responds to Cowboys, brings own benches to Dallas

One of the NFL’s most beloved rivalries is the one between the Washington Football Team (NFL) and the Dallas Cowboys (NFL). The history of the game is now being rewritten with the addition of sideline benches.

Cowboys brought their own benches to Washington when they traveled to Dallas in Week 14. Although the team mentioned the problems that occurred to the Seattle Seahawks during their visit to Washington, the Football Team did not take this lightly.

As a result, Washington continues the pettiness — bringing their benches to Dallas.

Bench-gate is now at the forefront in Sunday Night Football’s rivalry game. Washington clearly hopes that their benches will bring them victory, much like the Cowboys did when they visited.

“In response to the Cowboys bringing custom benches to Washington for an outdoor game 2 weeks ago, WFT has brought temp-controlled benches to Dallas for tonight’s indoor game,” tweeted The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “Cowboys could choose to open doors & roof. The expected outdoor temp at kickoff: 73.”

It is a fierce rivalry. Evidently, the Washington Football Team’s benches are also heated. For Sunday’s game, the pettiness has reached an all-time high.

Washington was the most popular team in the league. But it wasn’t easy since Dallas arrived. The Football Team was struck with COVID after a difficult loss to the Cowboys.

Positive tests led to the game against Philadelphia Eagles being moved to Tuesday last week. Washington lost the game 27-17, while Washington started a quarterback who was not even on their roster before.

Washington still has the chance to make it to the playoffs. The Football Team will face only division foes over the rest of the season — Dallas next Sunday, the Eagles next Saturday and the New York Giants to close their season in Week 18.

Washington hopes to return to the playoffs after winning the NFC East championship last season. Their run against Dallas could begin on Sunday.

Dallas will see Washington trying to end the Cowboys’ current hot streak. Mike McCarthy’s team has won three consecutive games, putting them in contention for the No. The NFC’s No. 1 seed.

Washington versus Dallas is more than bragging rights or determining who has best benches. In primetime, seeding and playoff hopes hang in the balance.

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