Look: This Patrick Mahomes Commercial Went Viral This Morning

Patrick Mahomes is an excellent promoter, as well as a great quarterback.

Mahomes shared some of his most recent promotional work on Wednesday morning. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback is teaming up again with Coors Light.

The ad stated that Patrick Mahomes, a star quarterback, was tapped to appear in a promotional for Coors Light. “It turns out that we forgot the fact that he cannot actually promote Coors Light.”

Mahomes is seen walking around with a Coors Light flashlight.

You can buy the flashlight on TheCoorsLight.com. All proceeds will go to the 15 Foundation and the Mahomies foundation.

It is possible that Mahomes did not promote Coors Light beer, as Bud Light is the NFL’s official sponsor for that area.

However, Mahomes was able to get fans to buy a flashlight with the Coors Light logo.

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