Look: Shannon Sharpe Has 1 Question For Jerry Jones

The New Orleans Saints learned Tuesday afternoon that Sean Payton, longtime head coach, was retiring.

Payton, after 16 seasons as the head coach of the team, decided that it was time to step down from the NFL. However, he left the possibility open of a return to the sideline.

Many rumors linked Payton to the Dallas Cowboys in years past. People are now wondering if Payton will eventually be the Cowboys’ head coach.

Shannon Sharpe, a Fox Sports analyst, doesn’t believe Payton will be the Cowboys’ head coach. Due to Jerry Jones’ control, Payton isn’t sure Payton will ever be the Cowboys head coach.

“I don’t see him coming this year. And if the Saints were to let him, it would come with some compensation. The question I have is: how much control is Jerry Jones willing to concede to Sean Payton?”

Payton remains under contract with Saints for a few additional seasons. To get Payton, the Cowboys will likely have to give up draft compensation.

Jerry Jones is willing to let go of draft assets and take control of the company so that Payton can become the team’s coach? This is a question football fans might never find out.

Payton appears content to remain on the sidelines as of now.

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