Look: Micah Parsons Responds To Lawrence Taylor’s Message

A current star was acknowledged by one of the NFL’s greatest pass rushers.

Lawrence Taylor, a Hall of Fame linebacker, praised the Micah Parsons and told the Dallas Cowboys star that he “can’t wait to see what you achieve young man”.

Parsons replied with the emojis of a goat or a lion to refer to the Lion Mentality that he promoted in his second season.

“Thank you!!!” Parsons wrote. Parsons wrote: “God is great!”

Parsons may be the closest player that the NFL has ever seen to Taylor. The versatile star, who finished second in Defensive Player Of the Year voting after a dominating rookie campaign, has already racked up four sacks this season and nine quarterback hits.

Taylor was there to see Parsons play at MetLife Stadium on Monday night. Demarcus Lawrence scored three of five sacks during the 23-16 win thanks to Taylor’s attention.

Last year, the Giants had the chance to draft Penn State’s star. Instead, they traded down  from the No. 11 pick and the Cowboys snatched Parsons with their next selection.

Parsons will now pursue LT’s legacy as their NFC East rival.

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