Look: Micah Parsons Has Honest Admission On Dak Prescott

After last week’s loss to the 49ers, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott received a lot of attention from the NFL world. Micah Parsons, a rookie linebacker, has his quarterback’s back. He said so on Saturday via Twitter.

“Lol I’ma just Im happy as HELL TO have Dak Prescott as my QB and nobody in the world can tell me otherwise!” Parsons tweeted.

Prescott was unable to perform in Sunday’s Wild Card match against San Fran. Dak completed only 23-43 passes for 254 yard, a touchdown, and a pick. He was also sacked five more times.

His last-minute gaffe in the game’s chaotic final seconds was not to be missed. Prescott attempted to line up for a last-second spike, but didn’t give the ball to an official to see. Prescott wasted precious seconds trying to line up for a final-second spike, but he didn’t hand the ball to the official to spot it.

Dak, in a rare poor performance on the podium, said that Cowboys fans were throwing trash at referees while they were leaving the field. Later, he apologized for his remarks.

Dak Prescott is Dallas’s man, all things considered. After signing his big contract last offseason, Prescott will be there for at least half a decade.

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