Look: Micah Parsons Has A Message For Cowboys Fans

The Dallas Cowboys fulfilled their promise to beat rival Washington Football Team by winning 27-20. However, it was rookie Micah Parsons that got all the attention.

Parsons was escorted off the field after the win by a group Cowboys fans who began chanting “MVP!” as he walked past FedEx Field. Parsons was praised for his performance.

Parsons thanked Cowboys Nation on Twitter for their support after the game. Parsons wrote, “Blessed” (crying emoticon). “Y’all make my want to cry Cowboys Nation!”

Parsons had three tackles and 2.0sacks against the Washington quarterbacks. With his assistance, Washington was held to less than 100 rushing yards and fewer than 125 passing yards.

Dallas’s rookie linebacker is quickly becoming a favorite. The MVP award is unlikely, but Rookie of Year honors might be possible.

One fan commented in a retweet, “You make me wanna adopt a child and time their 40,”

“I love to watch you play young man! I always tell my son as a great player with the heart and attitude and passion to compete on every single play…just focus on Micah Parsons as a perfect example! I show him your film to inspire and show him a great player to immulate! Dontstop,” wrote another.

A third fan responded, “The Dallas Cowboys drafting you 12th overall might go down in history as one of the greatest draft steals ever,”

Dallas is now 9-4 and has a three-win advantage in the NFC East championship race.

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