Look: Jerry Jones Has Interesting Comment About Dan Quinn

Last week, Dallas Cowboys defensive coach Dan Quinn decided to end his search for a head coaching job.

Quinn stated that he had “unfinished business” with the Cowboys, and decided to remain for at least one more season. After Nathaniel Hackett, the former Green Bay Packers offensive coach, was hired by the Denver Broncos, Quinn made that decision.

Quinn wanted to be a Broncos coach more than any other job. Quinn’s return to the Cowboys is a joy. He will lead a defense that has dramatically improved from 2020 to 2021.

Jerry Jones, team owner, knows that he has highly qualified coaches. He even said he would interview Quinn to be the Cowboys’ head coach – if the opportunity was available.

“He’s certainly qualified. He’s very qualified,” he said via the team site. “Yes, I would consider. If I didn’t have a coach, I would have been interviewing him for coach.”

Jones even compared Quinn to Sean Payton or Jason Garrett, saying that they all stayed longer to have a chance at being the Cowboys’ head coach.

“He stays here because there always has been, with every coach, every one of those three coaches, have said they’d love to be the head coach of the Cowboys. Every one. Every one,” Jones said. “So my point is that has, in my mind, a lot of logic as to why they might not take a job now rather than one or wait and see how the cards go in the future.”


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