Look: Drew Pearson Has 2 Quarterbacks In Mind For Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys will be without Dak Prescott for at least four weeks due to his thumb injury. Drew Pearson, Hall of Fame wide receiver, believes that his former team should look into the market for a signal-caller.

Pearson stated to TMZ Sports, that Dallas should call Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick. Both quarterbacks are currently free agents.

“Call Cam. Pearson stated, “Call Kaepernick.” “Call anyone out there.”

Pearson stated that Dallas should add a veteran quarterback. Cooper Rush isn’t the right candidate if that’s true.

“We got to have somebody there with some experience, some game experience,” Pearson continued. “I’m not talking about coming in and mopping up for somebody after the game’s already won or already lost. I’m talking about somebody that’s been there, been in the big time, knows how to be a starting quarterback in the National Football League.”



The Cowboys will name Rush their starter in Prescott’s absence, despite all the noise outside.

Rush joined the Cowboys last October 31st. Rush completed 24-of-40 passes for 325 yards, with two touchdowns et one interception.

This weekend, the Cowboys will take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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