Look: Dak Prescott vs. Cooper Rush Stat Is Going Viral

You might be a Dallas Cowboys fan who wanted Cooper Rush to play even though Dak Prescott was not healthy.

Rush performed admirably in five of the games Prescott missed. But he isn’t nearly as important as Prescott, and this stat proves it.

The Cowboys had a +28 point differential in the five Rush games. Prescott has now played in five games, and their point differential is +80.

Four of the five Cowboys games have been won by Dak Prescott, and three of those have been won by more than 15 points. Dak Prescott also threw for more than 1,200 yards, 10 touchdowns and five interceptions during those games.

When he’s on field, the offense moves at a different speed. That’s why the team currently stands at 8-3.

Prescott will be looking to lead the Cowboys’ ninth win against the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday at 8:20 pm. ET.

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