Look: Dak Prescott Releases His First Comment On The Injury

While talking to Instagram on Thursday, Prescott said he was “in good spirits” as he headed to the doctor’s office. He thanked everyone that offered him tributes and well wishes.


“Forever thankful for the love and support I’ve received,” Prescott wrote on Instagram. “I’ll be back stronger and better. Thank you all.”


In the video, Prescott smiled the entire time as he said he was ready to begin his road to recovery. He called this event “adversity” and just “another chapter in the book” and that he “is ready to move forward and write it.”

“I’m doing well and I can’t thank you all enough for your love and support…” Dak said. “From teammates to family to friends to friends I don’t know former and current players around the league…”

Those around the league know that Prescott can handle a little bit of adversity.

ESPN analyst Mark Sanchez had all the respect in the world for the hardship he has endured. Prescott lost his mother years back, and then his brother to suicide this year. He has been questioned by the media, including Skip Bayless, about his battle with depression.


Throw in this horrific injury, Sanchez believes that Dak is “battle tested”


“If there’s anyone that’s battle tested enough to handle something like this, it’s Dak,” Sanchez said on Outside The Lines.

Current Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford posted online that “if anyone can do it, it’s him” when it came to Dak’s comeback journey.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Prescott’s recovery will take between 4-6 months. Leading the charge will now be former Cincinnati Bengal Andy Dalton.

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