Look: Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Responds To Accusation

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys’ star pass rusher, is under fire right now.

After the Cowboys defeated the New York Giants on Thanksgiving Day, Giants guard Nick Gates claimed that Parsons had punched him in the chin. This led to Parsons being called for excessive roughness.

He said to Dan Duggan, The Athletic, that he was surprised Parsons didn’t get ejected but that he would be fined.

Parsons saw the quote and stated that he would never deliberately hurt another player.

“When he says other things that means play dirty, take cheap shots, and try to hurt other opponents!! I’m never going to intentionally try and hurt another player but we constantly allow this in the league!” Parsons tweeted.


Parsons have not been disciplined by the league so far. However, it could happen next Friday, before the majority of Week 13 games are held on Dec. 4.

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