Look: Cowboys Fans Unhappy With ‘Misleading’ Dak Prescott Quote

Dallas Cowboys fans were upset when the NFL posted a misleading Dak Prescott quote on Twitter.

Prescott turned 29 earlier this summer. On July 29, he turned 29.

Prescott stated that he is excited for his “golden years” – something that people say when they reach their birthday.

Sunday’s tweet from the NFL official account was very brief and contained little context.

Cowboys fans don’t like it.

“This does not mention the fact that Dak said it a day before his 29th birthday, which was July 29th… which is why it is often referred to as his Golden Year. It’s misleading and done so that people can drag Dak because he said something he didn’t,” RJOchoa tweeted.

The 2022 regular season will be opened by Prescott and the Cowboys on Sept. 11, against Tampa Bay.


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