Lebron James Blasts Cowboys, Reveals Why He’s Not a Fan Anymore

LeBron James, a superstar NBA player, has been a Dallas Cowboys fan his entire life. He revealed that he doesn’t root for the team on Thursday.

James was asked by Maverick Carter if he’s still an American Team fan during an Instagram Live session.

Carter was told by James that Carter is out on the Cowboys for the way they treated players protesting the national anthem.

“I had to sit down on the Cowboys man,” James said. “It’s just things that were going on when guys were kneeling and guys were having the freedom of speech and wanted to do it in a very peaceful manner. A lot of people in they front office and a lot of people that ran the organization was like, ‘If you do that around here, then you will never play for this franchise again.’ I just didn’t think that was appropriate.”

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, softened his stance regarding protests during 2020’s national anthem. However, this was not enough to win James’ support.

James stated that he still enjoys Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs as well as Trevon Elliott and Trevon Elliott from the Cowboys.

James is currently “all in” for the Cleveland Browns.

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