Lamar Jackson admits he grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan

Lamar Jackson was spotted playing the social media game Monday. A picture of the Baltimore Ravens quarterback in a Miami Dolphins uniform was shared on Twitter by Lamar Jackson. The picture sparked a conversation among fans. One pointed out that Jackson was from Florida.

Jackson decided to add his voice. Jackson said that the Dolphins were his second favorite team, but that the Dallas Cowboys was his favourite. It’s easy for fans to see why the “America’s Team”, nicknamed team, had success before Jackson was born.


Jackson was born in 1997 when the Cowboys were fresh off three Super Bowls. Despite the difficulties, Dallas still had some great players like Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman at the beginning of the century.

The Dolphins reached the playoffs in Jackson’s first five years, but went on to suffer a six-season drought beginning in 2000. The hometown team will still hold a special place within the hearts of players. Even if they now play for another team in the NFL.

Baltimore selected Jackson with the 2018 NFL Draft final pick. Jackson was then thrown into the system later in the season as the starting quarterback. Jackson won the MVP award and has helped the Ravens reach the playoffs three more times.

However, the quarterback and NFC North have not reached a long-term agreement. Jackson will be entering his fourth season as a player in the NFL. He’ll also have a fifth year option, being a first-round draft pick. The former Louisville product, however, will want his future secure before then. He’s made this known via social media.

Jackson was forced to miss 12 games last season due to injury. He has maintained solid stats throughout the course of his career. Jackson has thrown for just over 10,000 yards and he has thrown for 84 touchdowns. He also had 31 interceptions. Jackson averages six yards per carrying on the ground and has reached the endzone 21 times.

Baltimore will soon have a contract if it wants to retain their franchise quarterback. The Ravens must lock down Jackson, especially in a division with Joe Burrow, Deshaun Wilson, and newly drafted Kenny Pickett.

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