JJ Watt’s epic clap back at Cowboys star Trevon Diggs over polarizing INT hot take

Trevon Diggs was the interception king in the NFL last season. The Dallas Cowboys cornerback set the record for most INTs by a player with 11. Diggs’s eye for the ball is undisputed. His potential is endless.

Diggs published a controversial take on Thursday night regarding NFL defensive stats. The Cowboys’ star argued that interceptions were more difficult than sacks. This is a subtle dig at the linebackers and players in the trenches that led to many NFL fans disagreeing with his responses.

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JJ Watt, Arizona Cardinals edge rusher, responded to Cowboys star Trevon Diggs’ question . Watt initially agreed with Diggs’ claim but then said that it was harder to get an INT and a pass in the same game. Watt is the only one who can add a touchdown to this list.

Watt was a member of the Houston Texans. Watt managed to score a pick-6, an interception returned for touchdown against Andy Dalton’s Bengals and a sack during a Wild Card match in 2012. This is what Watt, the star edge rusher, was referring to with his tweet.

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The Cowboys star can be questioned all day about his claims. Watt’s great point is that it IS more difficult to do both in the same game.

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