Jimmy Johnson Shares Surprising Admission and blame himself on Jerry Jones Relationship

As successful as their run with the Dallas Cowboys was for them, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were both brutally divorced.

Jones had made it clear that he would not allow Johnson to join the Cowboys Ring of Honor in the past. He recently admitted that Johnson was to blame for his recent admission.

Jones, Cowboys’ training camp returnee late last month, admitted to Johnson that he had “f-d it up”, in relation to their relationship. Jones claimed that he did not have any good reasons to do so.

Jimmy Johnson will also be held accountable for the messy divorce. Johnson stated that Jerry should not take all the blame.

“Jerry shouldn’t be the sole blame. I was ready for the next step. Could there have been something we could do to make it work. Perhaps. Maybe it wasn’t his fault.


Jones suggested to the media that Johnson might be invited to the Cowboys Ring of Honor last month.

It won’t happen this year, however, due to his Hall of Fame Induction. It’s great to see that the Cowboys owner is now a former head coach.

Johnson is deserving of a place in the Cowboys Ring of Honor. It sounds like this might finally become a reality.

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