Jimmy Johnson Has Brutally Honest Admission On Jerry Jones

Few rivalries in the NFL last as long as this one between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and his former coach and friend Jimmy Johnson. Johnson was brutally honest about his former boss, even though it seemed they had mended their differences last year.

Johnson appeared on the Herd with Colin Cowherd and was asked why Jones is still loyal to Mike McCarthy, embattled head coach. Johnson said that Jones isn’t willing to admit he was wrong and that he will continue to work with whomever he chooses to make this relationship work.

“Jerry doesn’t ever want to admit he’s wrong. He’s going to hang with whoever and try to make it work.”

This would explain many of the questionable decisions Jones made throughout the year. Johnson’s decision to keep Jason Garrett, the former head coach, makes more sense if he is correct.

After Jones fired Johnson in 1994, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were on nearly non-speaking terms for more than 20 years. Jones kept Johnson out of Cowboys Ring of Honor for that whole time.

Barry Switzer, Johnson’s replacement, won the Super Bowl in 1995 for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have never made it to the NFC Championship Game since then.

Perhaps Jones’ stubbornness is what explains the team’s “close but far away” nature.

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