Jimmy Johnson drops truth bomb on what Cowboys need to win Super Bowl with Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys seem to enter every NFL season with Super Bowl title aspirations. It is a territory that was dominant in the NFL during the 1990s, winning three Super Bowls. This gave the fans the taste of ultimate glory. Cowboys fans long for that title-winning feeling to be real. They have a great team, led by Dak Prescott. During an appearance on Fox Sports The ‘Herd, Colin Cowherd, and Jimmy Johnson, the former Dallas head coach, dropped a truth bomb about what the team must do to reach the promised land.

“His No. 1 strength is he is a great leader for that football team,” Johnson said this week on Fox Sports’ The Herd. “He can win you a championship if you got really good players around him. They’ve had some injuries with the running game. They’re not running the football as well they did before Dak got injured. When they’re running the football, those play-action passes, Dak is really good. … But when he’s got to drop back and start reading the whole field and make decisions about where he’s throwing the football, and the defense isn’t slowing down for the run … he’s not near as good. He can win you a championship, but you better get the running game back.”

This unique take by former Cowboys head Coach Jimmy Johnson. Johnson believes that Dak Prescott is a natural leader. This is Prescott’s greatest strength, according to the Dallas legend.

Johnson feels Prescott is limited in his game. Johnson cites the Cowboys’ inability to run the ball. Johnson believes Prescott is less effective when he is forced to read defenses alone.

This could also be said of most quarterbacks in the NFL. Johnson is an expert on taking the Cowboys to their promised land.

Emmitt Smith, a Hall of Famer, was the running back for Johnson’s Super Bowl-winning Dallas teams. Smith’s extraordinary ability enabled Troy Aikman to win the Super Bowl without having to do too many things for Dallas.

Johnson is referring to Prescott and, in a certain degree, Ezekiel Elliot. Although Elliott is not being compared to Smith, if Elliott can run downhill again and pick up more than 100 yards per game, as he has in the past, Prescott and the Cowboys will be much healthier.

Jimmy Johnson believes that the Cowboys will do this if Dak Prescott is their quarterback.

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