Jerry Jones Was Asked Today About The Paternity Lawsuit

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, answered a question Monday regarding the paternity lawsuit that ties him to Alexandria Davis (25-year-old) Jones was brief when Jones asked him about Davis’ claim that the 79 year-old businessman is her biological dad.

Jones stated, “That is personal.” “That’s personal,” Jones said via the Dallas Morning News’ David Moore.

Davis was born in North Texas and filed a lawsuit alleging that her birth was due to a relationship Jerry Jones formed with Cynthia in the mid-90s.

Per documents submitted to the court. Davis’ mother made a deal with Dallas’ owner to support them financially, provided they did not publicly identify him as her dad. According to some, Davis was an infant at the time of this settlement.

The hearing is set for March 31. Alexandra Davis’ lawyers maintain that the suit was not motivated by money. Instead, it is not prohibited for Alexandra Davis to reveal her true father.

Cynthia Davis’ ex-husband did not have to support their children after the divorce. Testing proved that he wasn’t the father.

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