Jerry Jones Sends Clear Message About Sean Payton

Jerry Jones will continue to work with Mike McCarthy until 2022, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still infatuated by Sean Payton.

Jones is rumored to be looking to hire Payton in 2023. An ex-Saints head coach stated earlier this week that he will be taking a year off coaching. He might even try his hand at sports television. He is expected to return to coaching by 2023.

Jones has meanwhile committed to McCarthy for at minimum one more season, despite disappointing results from the Cowboys season in 2021-22.

Jones could not help but to talk about Payton’s great coach on Friday morning.

Jones stated that Sean [Payton] was easygoing and a pleasure to be with. He does things that help the ball teams and motivate players. He has ‘it.’ His natural, instinctive, and spontaneous leadership style or approach to life is an asset.

He is a hard worker, but he can handle the physical demands of the game. He knows how to hit those buttons.

Get Sean Payton on the Cowboys rumors. Jerry Jones loves him. That much is obvious.

The Cowboys will have to wait at least until next year to land Payton, unfortunately.

McCarthy will be back as the head coach in 2022.

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