Jerry Jones Send An Honest Message to Dak Prescott After Loss to the Packers

The Cowboys’ loss to the Packers was largely attributable to Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ quarterback. He ended the game with 265 yards passing, three touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Prescott is being referred to as the “weak link” in the Cowboys’ season.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, denied that Prescott was holding back this team during a 105.3 The Fan appearance.

“I can say that’s not correct,”┬áJones said. “The strength that I look at of our chance to win a championship is Dak and his leadership at that position. … I don’t think that’s accurate.

“Dak brings us a separator. Now, does that mean Dak’s going to win every game or make every comeback or every key situation? Of course not. But by the same token, if you were constructing the possibility of competing for a Super Bowl, I would start on this team right there with Dak. He’s that integral to us really being able to have the year we want to have.”

Prescott must avoid costly turnovers in order for the Cowboys to be at their best. In the two previous games, he has thrown three interceptions.

This weekend, the Cowboys will face off against the Vikings in a crucial matchup.

Prescott’s bounce-back performance would silence critics, even if it was only for one week.

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