Jerry Jones Reveals Why He Wasn’t Surprised After Embarrassing Loss toThe Broncos

The NFL witnessed many upsets over the weekend. But none were more shocking than the beating the Dallas Cowboys suffered by the Denver Broncos.

Denver scored the first 30 points of the game before Dallas scored a few touchdowns in garbage. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, shared his thoughts about the game after the Cowboys’ defeat of 30-16.

Jones stated that nothing about the Broncos surprised him. However, he and the Cowboys did not “anticipate” Denver’s success.

Jones stated that “we anticipated it” via Jon Machota, Cowboys reporter. “I discussed it with Mike McCarthy before the game. We were completely prepared for what they did. We didn’t expect them to have that level of success. They persevered.”

The Broncos were able to find success Sunday afternoon. Teddy Bridgewater, a veteran quarterback, spread the ball all afternoon, with wide receiver Tim Patrick leading with 85 yards and an touchdown.


Javonte and Melvin Gordon, running backs, enjoyed a meal at the Cowboys’ defense. They combined for 191 yards on the ground and a touchdown, while the rookie ran up a record-breaking 111 yards.

Denver’s defense also improved, keeping the Cowboys offense down to 300 yards.

We will have to wait to see if the Cowboys are able to bounce back against the Atlanta Falcons.

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