Jerry Jones Reveals Why Cowboys Didn’t Re-Sign Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory, a pass rusher for the Denver Broncos, has been an integral part of defense  This season. He is the No. 2 defensive player for the Denver Broncos. He recorded two sacks, two forced turnovers, and five QB hits in only three games. He could have done that for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, has been criticized for not making more effort to bring Gregory back following some good seasons. Jones spoke to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and defended his decision to keep what he had.

Jones said that he was content with the roster and didn’t think he needed to talk with Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator. Jones said he didn’t feel the need to make a big statement after seeing his roster.

“No, I decided we were going too much on that guy, we could have three other guys better. I didn’t have to go to anybody on that,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of The Athletic.

Randy Gregory was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round. Gregory was a Nebraska talent, but failed drug tests cost him his stock.

The Cowboys made a move on him and saw him removed from the team several times in his first few seasons. In seven seasons, he never played a complete season with the Cowboys.

After a 2021 season with 6.0 sacks, and a career high 17 tackles for losses, Dallas offered Gregory a contract. He signed with the Broncos, but it wasn’t enough for him to stay.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys should regret not signing Randy Gregory.

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