Jerry Jones Reveals Team He’s Rooting For In The Super Bowl

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, has made it clear that he wants his team to win the Super Bowl. He’ll have to wait at most one more year before he can see that.

This season, the NFC will be represented either by the Los Angeles Rams (or San Francisco 49ers)

Jones shared his passion for the team he rooted for on “K&C Masterpiece” on 105.3 The Fan.

Jones wants the Rams to win both the NFC and the Lombardi Trophy. Because SoFi Stadium is located near Jones’ childhood home.

Jones, via Audacy , stated that it was a romantic idea for the Los Angeles Rams, to be playing in the NFC Championship Game at the new stadium and then potentially playing in the Super Bowl there. They are only one mile away from the house where my parents lived when I was born. There are many relatives there.

“There is so much of me that would like to see that fairytale here. This is the first real big year for them to be operating in that stadium. We have our media headquarters out there. That just looks like the Hollywood sign that used to be on that mountain. That was the city of entertainment for the world. Now, we see that beautiful stadium, and I’m excited about that. So I’m rooting for them.”

With a lot confidence, the Rams head into this weekend. They defeated the Buccaneers last Sunday on the road.

If the Rams win Sunday, they will face the Chiefs or the Bengals in the Super Bowl.

The NFC Championship Game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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