Jerry Jones Reveals His Expectations for Cowboys Team For The Rest of The Season

The Dallas Cowboys went 1-3 in November. They fell behind the NFC leaders, but now give hope to their division rivals. However, Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, says that despite the disappointing month, he is optimistic about the future.

Although overtime loss against the Las Vegas Raiders was not as bad as previous week’s one-sided defeats by the Kansas City Chiefs or Denver Broncos, it wasn’t as terrible. Anyone with an interest in the Cowboys will find it hard to swallow losing the home game in front a large Thanksgiving Day crowd.

However, Jerry’s words today seem far more positive than the dejected expressions of disappointment in recent times.

It’s clear that the Cowboys will be more competitive if they have these top players back at work. They are likely to win yesterday with at minimum one Cooper or Lamb player, and possibly even the previous week in Kansas City.

It’s been a season of that nature, and the Cowboys have managed to overcome their absences to remain at the top of the conference. There are only six games remaining. Jerry and everyone else can see Dallas as a serious contender in January, despite this string of setbacks.

Except for Week 17, which is against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, all remaining games are against losing teams. Four of them are in the NFC East where Dallas is already at 2-0 in previous meetings against the Eagles or Giants.

While beating up on the Saints or their division rivals will improve the W-L record, it will also raise questions about the Cowboys’ true identity going into the tournament. While the Arizona game may help, any optimism is offset by a long history disappointing postseason appearances.

The Cowboys’ special year has been slowed down by the last few losses. We are hopeful that the Cowboys will be able to get back the key players from both sides of the ball, which should bring back the good vibes of the first half.



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