Jerry Jones Makes His Opinion On Odell Beckham Very Clear

Jerry Jones is currently in full recruitment mode.

Jones is the Dallas Cowboys’ owner. He wants Odell Beckham Jr., a free wide receiver, to sign with them. He believes that Beckham Jr. would look “pretty great” in a Cowboys jersey.

“He is someone we have all the appreciation in the world for, for what he is as a competitor, and know that the Cowboys star on the helmet, when he puts it on could look pretty good,” Jones said.

The Cowboys have a strong wide receiver position, but it would be a good idea to have another weapon. Opposing defenses would have a tough time stopping CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup’s top three.

Beckham is now back in good health after tearing his ACL in February. It’s only a matter time before he signs for an NFL team.

The Cowboys will have to make a deal with him.

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