Jerry Jones Makes His Opinion On Dak Prescott’s Performance Very Clear

The Dallas Cowboys are leading the NFC East in playoff races – with a healthy lead.

Dak Prescott, the star quarterback, is a large part of this success. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, is well aware that Prescott drives the train in Dallas.

He spoke about his starting quarterback on 105.3 The Fan earlier in the afternoon.

“I’m so glad that we have him, boy. Jones stated that he is one of the greatest. He got us back into position (to win against the Raiders), and I felt he was the difference that put us in a position to win the game. That’s exactly what we asked him to do.”

Jones was pleased with Dak’s performance, despite losing the game against Raiders last Thursday.

Jones stated, “This may sound odd, but it will. I thought Dak played an excellent game the other day.” We weren’t hitting all cylinders. Some might say that Dak was part o that, but I think that Dak played a good sport. Are we more successful? We have. He did a great job, and got us into a position to win the game.

Next up for Dak and his Cowboys will be a match against the New Orleans Saints.

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