Jerry Jones has bold Ezekiel Elliott prediction for rest of season

Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys’ running back, has been the focus of attention lately. The running back is still recovering from a knee injury. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes that the worst is behind Ezekiel Elliott, but it’s not over.

Jones informed 105.3 The Fan on Friday that Elliott’s trainers believed the running back was “good to go” and that Elliott will be back to full health after a ten day rest.

“His trainers and the people closest to his medical condition, his health, think he is really good to go,” Jones stated. via “SportsDay” If you can get through an injury and not cause more, you will see improvement. He didn’t injure any more last night. As we enter the final part of the season, I look forward to Zeke being a strong and dynamic player.”

It is unclear whether Jones is speculating or relying on information he already knows. We know there was concern that Elliott would miss time because of his nagging knee problem. He was also not as efficient against the Saints on Thursday, gaining just 45 yards from 13 carries. Although Elliott will get the rest of the season, it is hard to imagine Elliott ending the season in the same way Jones thinks he can.

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