Jerry Jones had perfect response after Cowboys embarrassing loss to Broncos

Jerry Jones offers some thoughts on how the Denver Broncos embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys.

There were many stunning upsets in Sunday’s NFL but none more dramatic than the one that occurred to the Dallas Cowboys.

Although the Jaguars lost to Buffalo, it was a shocking loss. The game was close all the way. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Jaguars in a shocking loss, but they were nearly beaten by the Denver Broncos at home. This was after a week where the national media spent so much time discussing their Super Bowl chances.

Dallas lost to the Broncos, but it was embarrassing. It was an intense ass kick, which has historically drawn the ire from Jerry Jones.


Jones did not waste time after the game reacting to the loss, but he wasn’t feeling the fire-and-brimstone reaction that fans might have expected.

Jerry Jones was a brilliant reaction to the Cowboys’ loss to Broncos

“I thought they had an excellent plan against Dak, and they executed it well. It took some plays for this to happen. It’s impossible to explain,” Jones stated to reporters after the loss. “They played a great football match against a team that we consider to be a strong football team, the Dallas Cowboys.”

However, Cowboys fans won’t be pleased with Mike McCarthy’s reaction to the loss.

McCarthy stated after the game, “Frankly we were outcoached & outplayed all through.”

McCarthy is correct, and Cowboys fans will be furious at him.

Although it was painful to see, Dallas could have afforded the loss. The Broncos’ loss to the Cowboys Sunday was the kind of loss that makes a team that had become a bit too focused force them to refocus. It’s better to experience this kind of humility in November than to come to the realization in January.

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