Jerry Jones Explains Why 49ers Aren’t A Top Rival For Cowboys

Jerry Jones has seen his share of epic battles between the Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers. On Sunday night, the NFC rivals will write a new chapter in their history.

Jones said that despite the fact that these two prestigious teams often cross paths, it is still not as exciting as facing an NFC East opponent.

Jones, when asked about the 49ers’ greatest rival during a Friday interview, said: “I think that our division games are these types of rivalries.” “We meet this maker twice a yea and we have to get them done.”

Jones, however, acknowledged the importance of the team’s Week 5 matchup at Santa Clara and looked ahead to their two divisional contests against Philadelphia Eagles.

“But make no mistake about it, the 49ers is an important game to be tried because of their statute,” Jones continued. “They are just probably playing the very best right now in the NFL. It’s easy to put this game in perspective because we’ve got two more games that we’ve got to play against Philadelphia as we look to the season. Those are going to be real evaluators. Those are in the division. Those are games that will tell us where we are as well.”

Jones said the Cowboys’ matchup with the 49ers was a “great game” that gave them the chance to demonstrate their ability to compete against a top NFL team.

Jones said, “This is the thrill you’d like to experience every week.” This is big-time stuff.

The catch was at Dallas’ cost, and both teams competed for the NFC title three times straight in the 1990s. The Cowboys were kicked out of the postseason in consecutive years by the 49ers. This may have validated Jones’ belief that a rivalry can’t be as frequent as a divisional rivalry.

Jones had called the 49ers the “most likely team” for the Super Bowl earlier in the week. He hopes his Cowboys can disprove that theory and hand the NFC West’s powerhouse its first loss of the year.

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