Jerry Jones explains how Ezekiel Elliot’s contract impacts Dallas Cowboys paying others

Ezekiel Elliott has been one of the most successful running backs in his NFL career. He’s been with the Dallas Cowboys for his entire career, which is owned by Jerry Jones. The current contract he signed in 2019 is a huge salary cap hit for Dallas and has likely hindered the team’s ability sign free agents.

Jerry Jones responded to criticisms of moves made by the team recently, explaining the logic behind some moves. On 105.3 The Fan, he did this.

Jerry Jones points out that fans can be very fickle about what they want. You want your star to stay in town. You have to be realistic about the fact that there is limited money available and that you will need it to create a team.

“And when you pay the fiddler, you pay him dollars that you’re not paying a guard,” Jerry Jones said.

“What the goal is here is to get the most value for those dollars that are out there…The more you pay the quarterback, the teams that pay the big ticket o the quarterback, they have to sacrifice in other places.”

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