Jamie Foxx Reveals His Expectations For The Cowboys This Year

Jamie Foxx is excited about his Dallas Cowboys ahead of the 2022-23 season.

On Tuesday, the actor who won an Oscar made an appearance and talked about why this season is going to be great for them.

“This year, we’re really excited,” Foxx said. “We were there when we didn’t get it done against the 49ers. This year, I saw Dak at a restaurant. He’s slim, jawline, everything looked good so we got high hopes this year because I think, as I talked to Micah Parsons, he said the game has slowed down for him now and that he has a different look in his eye.”

The Cowboys are in win-now mode this year, which is huge for them.

Despite having many great teams, they have not made a Super Bowl appearance or an NFC Championship Game appearance since 1995.

Mike McCarthy could lose his job if he can’t get the team moving forward this season.

The Cowboys will begin their season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday Night Football on Sept. 11.

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