Here’s What Sean Payton Has Said About The Cowboys Job

Rumors have swirled about Sean Payton, Saints head coach, stepping down. However it won’t be to coach Dallas Cowboys.

Payton appeared on ESPN Radio in 2019 and discussed the Cowboys gig. He had been linked to it, but he ignored it. It wouldn’t surprise him if he felt different three years later.

“It’s come up before and mainly because I worked there for three years and have a good relationship with Jerry and Stephen,” Payton said. “Coach Parcells hired me back there in 2003. It doesn’t surface every year. It comes up every two or three years. But I’m in Year 13 now (in New Orleans). You kind of chuckle with it and you just move on from it. I’ve got a home here. What else can you say? You’ve been here long enough. I think it comes with a little less gusto each time that it does come up.”

Payton has been with the Saints now for 15 seasons. His total record is 152-89. Payton led the Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2009, but they haven’t won it back since.

He had a great job as a coach this season, with the Saints just one win away of the playoffs. After Jameis Winston’s injury, they finished 9-8 and mainly started Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill as quarterbacks.

The NFC South could be their next season if Tom Brady decides to retire in this offseason. Both the Falcons and Panthers seem to be in chaos.

It is yet to be seen what Payton will do in the offseason.

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