Giants Player Who Tackled Dak Prescott Has Message For Jerry Jones

It was a rough day for Logan Ryan.


The defensive back for the New York Giants was part of a team that gave up 37 points, lost to a backup quarterback in Andy Dalton in the fourth quarter, and he was the man that impacted Dak Prescott’s serious and potential season-ending ankle injury.


When he had to speak to the media, Ryan told them he felt “terrible” for what happened to Prescott. He felt even more bad about doing it to someone who was playing on the one-year franchise tag and hoping to earn more money.


With that being said, he had this message for owner Jerry Jones.


“I feel terrible. It was a routine football play,” Logan Ryan said. “…You’ve got a guy, and I am in a similar position, he is scratching and clawing at one year on his deal to try and get rewarded, try to do the right thing, try to show up to work, try to lead his team, try to get a lucrative contract. He had to come out and prove it this year, so for him to get this type of injury… That’s why I feel like Dak. I hope he gets $500 million when he comes back. He deserves it. He is a hell of a quarterback.”

Prescott was playing on the one-year franchise tag and could look at not receiving as much as he hoped. Prescott was offered a five-year deal with over $100 million the table, but he backed away, hoping for potentially $35 million in salary each season.


He is making just over $31 million this season. There’s a chance that the Cowboys could look to tag him again, which would likely pay him close to $35 million but on a one-year trial basis again.


Best wishes for Dak and a speedy recovery.

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