Former Dallas Cowboys Veteran Announces His Retirement

Veteran defensive lineman announced that he was retiring from the NFL.

Crawford, a former fifth round pick from Penn State, began his career with Raiders. After playing with the Raiders for a few seasons, he was recruited by the Cowboys.

Crawford was most recently a player for the Falcons, Titans, and other teams. He shared his story of his journey from London, England to the United States in his retirement post.

“After 10 seasons in the NFL, I know my time has come to step away from the game and close the chapter of my life in the League,” Crawford wrote. “At 16 years old, I left my family and friends in the UK and moved to the US. I couldn’t have imagined the journey that lay ahead of me, it feels like it flew by and I’m grateful for every minute.”


Crawford continued: “I want to thank all of the organizations that took a chance on me and all of the fans that supported me. I will never take for granted the memories of going to battle with my friends and teammates.”

Crawford thanked his girlfriend, agent, and Dandrea family at the end of Crawford’s retirement.

Crawford will end his NFL career with 165 combined tackles. He also has 40 quarterback hits.

As Crawford begins the next chapter in his life, we wish him all the best.

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