Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant comments on Jason Garrett firing

Dez Bryant, the former Cowboys receiver, commented on the recent firing by Jason Garrett as New York Giants’ offensive coordinator. Garrett was his Dallas coach. Bryant’s bizarre comment on Twitter seemed like it was reassuring rookie receiver KadariusToney that Garrett will leave his position.

“After hearing the news about [Jason Garrett], Kadarius Toney you will get to experience the love and joy for football throughout your career.”

“Great dude. His philosophy toward players and the game was never a problem.

Bryant’s comments about Garrett were similar to those made by his former coach. Bryant said he didn’t have sympathy for Garrett losing his job as Cowboys head coach.

Garrett was Cowboys’ coach from 2010 to 2019. The Cowboys finished with an 85-67 record, and only three playoff appearances. Many people thought that the Cowboys failed to live up the talent they deserved under Garrett.

Bryant was previously involved in Garrett’s story after he agreed with a tweet that suggested Garrett had wasted the prime years of many players careers.

Bryant made a comment on Garrett’s New York release and used it to compliment and mention rookie first-round pick KadariusToney.

Toney’s skill and potential has been shown at times in the 2021 season. He has 392 yards on 35 receptions thus far. Giants and Garrett critics claim that Toney should be more impactful in the Giants’ struggling offense. With just 18.9 points per match, the Giants rank 25th in league scoring and 23rd in yards per play with 322.8.

The Giants started their season with a record of 3-7 under Garrett, who is also the offensive coordinator. Garrett’s critics say he ran too safe and conservative an offense during his coaching career. Giants fans are frustrated by what seems to be a slow progression with quarterback Daniel Jones.


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