Fixing this one mistake could save the Dallas Cowboys season

It’s been a huge issue all season and if it could be remediated then the team could potentially win a few games even with Dak Prescott out for the season. In 2020, the Cowboys have been outscored 84-10 off turnovers. Last Monday, the Cowboys fumbled the ball twice, thanks Zeke, while Andy Dalton threw two picks.


On Sunday, in the team’s 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team, Dalton added another interception on just 75 passing yards.


No other NFL team has ever fumbled on three consecutive drives like the Cowboys this season. As it stands, the Cowboys are 21.4% likely to turn the ball over on an offensive drive.


What makes this worse is that this was going on before Dak even went down. When Prescott was healthy, the team was turning the ball over way too much. Prescott and Co. had turned the ball over two or more times in each of the four previous matchups. That includes a stretch of three straight games that featured three turnovers.


The difference was that Prescott was good enough to bring the Cowboys back. Prescott was leading the league in passing by a considerable among. With Dalton, and now potentially Ben DiNucci, that is not the case.


With the offensive line in place, the Cowboys do not have time to make the plays Prescott made. Not to mention, Dalton is just as good as Dak, so digging yourselves a two-touchdown hole is not going to make it easy.


With that said, the Dalton experience could be over.


Dalton was knocked out of the Cowboys 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team. Jonathan Bostic, the 29-year old linebacker for WFT, threw himself in Dalton as the quarterback slide before reaching the first down marker. Bostic was ejected from the game for his hit on Dalton.


Dalton was officially ruled as having a concussion and The Athletic’s Jon Machota confirms that 2020 seventh-round pick Ben DiNucci could start next week against the Eagles.


“Andy Dalton has a concussion. He’s in protocol for the week to come. Rookie Ben DiNucci could be the Cowboys’ starting QB next Sunday against the Eagles.”


DiNucci finished the game 2 of 3 for 39 yards passing and added one carry for zero yards.


There were no turnovers for his limited time playing. Maybe, he can keep that momentum going into next Sunday.

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