Ezekiel Elliott’s harsh reality with Cowboys future looking bleak

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys runningback, could be leaving the team at the end of his term.

Since 2016, when they selected Ezekiel Elliott as the fourth overall pick, the Cowboys have had him as their player. Elliot, who has played in 88 games over the past six seasons, has been the Cowboys’ lead back.

He has run for 7,386 yard and 56 touchdowns in this time. Elliot also has 288 receptions, 2,244 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns.

Elliot has posted some impressive stats in recent years. However, his performance on the field has been poor. The Cowboys’ insistence on putting the ball in Elliot’s hands is the reason for this. He has never been less than 268 touch in a season, and has exceeded 300 on three occasions.

The league believes that Ezekiel Elliot could be leaving the team in this year’s final season.

Elliot’s contract will not be fully guaranteed in the last year. The remaining seasons are not guaranteed money. The Cowboys would have the opportunity to move on.

Tony Pollard, one of the most skilled RB2s in NFL, is a member of the team. Pollard has consistently outperformed Elliot on multiple occasions. He is also significantly less expensive than his backfield partner.

Pollard was a reliable backfield option last season. He completed the season with more than 1,000 yards in scrimmage.

Elliot is one of the Cowboys’ greatest running backs. There is a possibility that he may not be the same player as he was at 27. This could mean that he and the Cowboys could split.

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