Ezekiel Elliott Reveals The Results Of His Knee MRI

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys star running back, had an MRI done on his knee after last Thursday’s win against New Orleans. Zeke also shared some good news with reporters on Wednesday.

Elliott says that the knee has been “healing up” and is moving in the right direction as he battles through the injury. Elliott, a former bell cow, wants to return to the field. The former bell cow back admits that “playing on it” is not making the situation worse.

Elliott stated that football is not a game where you can be 100%. However, it’s possible to be 100 percent on the first day of camp. It’s tough. It’s a tough game, but I take great pride in being there. I will be dragged off the field by you.”

Many questions surround the former No. The former No. 4 pick from Ohio State has been the subject of many questions. Ezekiel Elliott has had a difficult start to his career. His production has slowed down and the explosion doesn’t seem to be happening right now.


Since Week 6, against the Patriots, the three-time Pro Bowler hasn’t exceeded 50 yards. His carries have fallen since Tony Pollard’s third-year return.

Over his first four seasons, Zeke was a heavy runner for the Cowboys. On the year, Dallas’ $90 million man has 173 carries for 765 yards and eight touchdowns.

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