Ezekiel Elliott Gets Tattoo Of Himself and it Instantly Goes Viral


Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has emerged as one of the best backs in the league, which is very impressive because he has only been in the league for three seasons. The two-time All-Pro running back is also known for his playful personality, which has been in full display the last two Thanksgiving games he has played in, which has also helped the Salvation Army get some free publicity.

Since he has been in the league, Elliott has had a few tattoos inked on his body, which he called tributes to things that are dear to him. He has a tattoo of his mother, a tattoo of the Ohio State logo, and even a tattoo of his dog.

One would expect that a man who has a tattoo of his dog can’t really surprise you but Elliott managed to up the ante with a tattoo of his face, which he displayed this week at a Vonn Miller charity event.

As expected, news of Elliott getting a tattoo of his face spread quickly and the photo of the tattoo quickly went viral. However, some fans with sharp eyes pointed out that while the tattoo is one of his face, Elliott also looks like a zombie, which has led to some to wonder if he had that done intentionally as an ode to the fantasy series “Game of Thrones” or the Zombie apocalypse series “The Walking Dead.”

One thing is for sure, Elliott marches to the beat of his own drums and obviously doesn’t care what people think of his new tattoo. As long as he keeps running through defenders and keeps scoring touchdowns, the Cowboys and their fans also don’t care about what opposing fans think about their fourth-year running back.


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